Title: Storage 003
Label: Storage Records (DE)
Format: CD
Catalog: stora003
Release Date: 1999
Order: Sold Out

Are you afraid of New Year's Eve 1999? Are you afraid of missing an airplane which flies to one of those islands which sees the dawn of the new century first? And are you afraid you can never leave that island again, because the computers won't be able to handle the year of the loo 00? Are you afraid the extra-terrestrials won't come in time to save you, so that you'll have to go first (into the water)? We suggest: Stay at home and listen to Storage Kompilation! Because that's the appropriate compilation for the end of this millennium, uniting the best of electronic dance-music, public songs and experimental soundworks. The compilation contains projects of the Hamburg STORA-movement as well as bands from Germany, Switzerland and Russia. It represents the full bandwidth of the publishers' work, edition STORA/Freibank


1 Helgoland - Throatcleaner (insert coin) 
2 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Fox  
3 Fathers of Hydogen - Electric  
4 Oleg Kostrow - Der Sack und das Messer 
5 Klangkrieg - Trosthaus 
6 Groenland Orchester - Gnu 
7 Pia Burnette & Felix Kubin - Hide & Seek 
8 Hammafest - Wunderer  
9 Idee des Nordens - Drop a bomb! 
10 Hammafest - Oeffnung 
11 Nova Huta - In mein Kopf rauscht Lok
12 Die Welttraumforscher - Deine allerschoensten Dinge  
13 Kreidler - Call me  
14 Tulip - Love bye  
15 Messer fuer Frau Mueller - Salut adieu 
16 Idee des Nordens - Idn featuring Stora All Star Band  
17 Helgoland - Waikiki calling 
18 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Anturner  
19 Jetzmann - Uebern Jordan  
20 Halberstadt Quartett - Ein freier Raum 
21 Hammafest - Runter