Title: Tanzen But Tanzen Demix
Label: The Brain Records (FR)
Format: 12" EP
Catalog: tbr001
Release Date: 08. 2009

7 remixes of Puyo Puyo's frantic song "Tanzen But" by Felix Kubin, Candie Hank, Brezel Goering, Frederik Schikowski, Groupgris and Gangpol plus the original track!

The record comes as a beautifully designed 12 picture disc with black and white skeletons.

Track list

White Skeleton Side
1 Gangpol & Mit* – Didadoudidoudeda Tanzen But
2 Candie Hank – Puyo Meets Chan
3 Brezel Göring – TB Version Nummer Eins 
4 Groupgris – Tanzen But Rmx 

Black Skeleton Side
5 Felix Kubin – Je Tanzen
6 Brezel Göring – TB Version Nummer Zwei
7 Frederik Schikowski – Voulez-Vous Tanzen ?
8 Puyo Puyo – Tanzen But (Original Track Version)