Artist: x2
Title: Soundcollagen
Label: ./.
Format: 12" LP (Dubplate)
Catalog: ./.
Release Date: 2009
Order: Sold Out (Edition of 2)

This record consists of the earliest sound collages of Felix Kubin (a.k.a. x2). Apart from the last track, they were all made using the antique 'ping pong' technique: take 2 tape recorders, start your recording on the first recorder, then copy it to the other one while adding another sound and keep on repeating this method until you're satisfied and the tape is saturated. In the end, the first recording lost 'some high frequencies' but that's part of the game. 


1 Neurose
2 Zahnarzt (Lass mich in Ruhe – variation) 
3 45 Minuten
4 Tobby hat einen Walkman
5 Die Jagd
6 Pseudokrupp

Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music