Title: One Bomb Fits All: Zea Remixed
Label: Transformed Dreams (NL)
Format: 12" LP
Catalog: dream26
Release Date: 28.3.2005
Order: Sold Out

A four track remix 12" of Zea's self consciously ill-fitting output, given a grab-bag selection of overhauls by a genre-bending collection of artists. 1-Speed Bike's improbably named "Along With the Rest of This Racist System, We Left The Body Of Indy Rock On A Plateau For The Vultures To Eat" fully embraces lo-fi ethics, taking a pounding one-man band beat and laying time stretch vocals over the top whilst the sloganeering putdowns of the original plead endlessly; "we buried indie-rock years ago". 

Sharing the A-side is Melt Banana's "Flying Objects Arrived" which sets water-logged accompaniment to vocodered, wooden hearted electro-bluegrass. If it didn't exist before, it does now! Over on the flip, Jason Forrest and Donna Summer partake in some Digital Hardcore-lite, lulling you into a false sense of acoustic security before crucifying you with beats whilst the Felix Kubin mix of "Slides From Yesterday" falls firmly into the Kid Loco school of shuffling rhythms and flourishes of instrumentation, atop which he places Zea's off kilter vocals.


1 Speed Bike - Along With The Rest Of This Racists System, We Left The Body Of Indy Rock On A Plateau For The Vultures To Eat
2 Melt Banana - Flying Objects Arrived

3 Jason Forrest - Kiss Kiss Folk-Rock Mix
4 Felix Kubin - Slides From Yesterday