Title: David Jourdan and Yuji Oshima 1%
Label: Pork Salad Press (DK)
Format: Double CD / 8 pages booklet
Catalog: ISBN 87-987855-1-6 
Release Date: 2007

This double-CD which comes in an edition of 1000 copies, includes all music contributions (114 sound pieces / 01:50:22) to David Jourdan and Yuji Oshima's installation for the elevators of the French ministry of Culture and Communication. 

According to the French government's 1% guidelines, one per cent of the total amount spent in the construction of any public building is to be allocated for the realization of site-specific artworks. In this context, David Jourdan and Yuji Oshima were commissioned to create a permanent installation for the new building of the ministry, 182 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris, completed in February 2005. 

A temperamental audio playback is set off by accident - one chance in a hundred - in two elevators at the ministry. For once, the 1% is indeed one per cent. The issue is deceptive musak. Every user of the elevator who presses a button participates in a game in which there is a limited number of possible actions, but a real 1% chance of winning. In short, a mere lottery. When one wins, the reward is an illuminated animation on the cabin ceiling accompanied by a brief audio composition. For that purpose, Jourdan and Oshima invited 17 artists / groups to create 15 to 90 seconds of sound compositions of previously unreleased audio material. Assuming that on average the cabin carries another passenger going to a different floor, a user who takes the elevator 10 times a day, 5 days a week, has one chance per week of winning. With the exception of this brief event, nothing else out of the ordinary occurs.


Disc 1:

1 Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman (1-5)

2 Colleen (6-12)

3 Constanze Schweiger and David Jourdan (13-22)

4 Dat Politics (23-28)

5 Dorit Chrysler (29-33)

6 Eugene Chadbourne (34-42)

7 Felix Kubin (43-49)

8 Four Tet (50-55)

Disc 2:

1 gelitin (1-10)

2 L?K?O (11-14)

3 John McEntire and Jeff Parker (15-18)

4 Nobukazu Takemura (19-23)

5 Rashim (24-28)

6 Sun Ok Papi K.O. (29-38)
7 The Books (39-42)

8 Tujiko Noriko (43-45)

9 Yoshimi P-we (46-49)

10 Yuji Oshima (50-59)