Title: I’m so bored with the USA
Label: Diskono (UK)
Format: 12" LP
Catalog: diskono002
Release Date: 1998
Order: Sold Out

The criteria for all the tracks was that they had to be the exact same length as The Clash track "I'm so bored with the USA" (2'25").

"Each Diskono project comes with a separate theory, and this one is no exception. One central idea on "I'm So Bored With the USA" is that by presenting music around the world in a fresh context, you can stimulate interest in travel and tourism, and thus the exchange if information. It is this belief in content, however much you agree with the nuts and bolts of it, that separates Diskono from other young Avant-Pop hustlers; behind very apparently cynical stroke has been a firm belief in the idea of getting information across content in culture. In a profoundly tawdry and amusing medium, Diskono aren't concerned with authenticity, but with research, polemic and effect".

Link to mp3 included on insert by V/VM under the voice "String Up Your Wife".
Edition of 600 copies.


1 Aerospace Soundwise - The Pilgrims Introduce The Sticker Club To America
2 Hrvatski - Wombat Cock
3 Felix Kubin - Opening Rudi's Head
4 Max Kleydersturm - There's Nothing Wrong With Confusion
5 Jake Mandell - Untitled 43
6 Cartesian Faith - Progenitizeation
7 While - Aslant
8 Vengloss Advocaat - Suck On Kojak For The USA
9 People Like Us - Moronically Yours

10 Vengloss Advocaat - Move Up Starskey
11 Passarani 2099 - Pt.1
12 Office Products - Paperclip Bankrobber
13 Lesser- Anarchy
14 Wobbly/Wet Gate - Lunchtime USA
15 Suetsu & Underwood - July 4th, 1998
16 Epecitir - Find Your Own Truth
17 Vengloss Advocaat - For The CIA
18 Pomassi - Untitled