Title: I Love Fantasy
Label: Lucky Kitchen (ES)
Format: CD
Catalog: lk011
Release Date: 2001
Order: Sold Out

Alejandra and Aeron are the executive producers of this Compilation about Science Fiction.

"Fantasy takes place in a dimension which is not subject to the normal bounds of material reality. It is created by the ability of the imagination to form ideas beyond sensory detail. For the child (and often the artist) there is no essential division between reality and non reality. Only through what Coleridge called the "willing suspension of unbelief" can an 'adult' obtain the full impact of fantasy."


1 Aerospace Soundwise - As No If (Universal Special (Detail)
2 Evol - Wasitaratisaw?
3 Felix Kubin & Klangkrieg & Reznicek - Juri Gagarin's Schwirrende Kombuese
4 Sachiko M - 11122000