Title: 1:17 (2008)
Label: Diskono (UK)
Format: 12" EP
Catalog: diskono017
Release Date: 2008
Order: Sold Out

Scott Haggart's original edit is "psychotopologically derived from a 0.7 millisecond recorded extract of a Diskono performance (2000)." 
A 0.7 millisecond sound is obsessively and secretly expanded into a 1:17 second composition, and it took many years to superimpose and further re-sample the fragment into a strict bombardment of fractal concrete sound. Within a "tradition of discrete spectrality" and with the satisfactory feeling brought about by orchestrating a 1:17 second work, it became inevitable to extend the invitation to six other artists, who created alternate versions using the original track as the source material/inspiration. In order to absurdly explore the potentials of this 0.7 millisecond sound all of the new versions had to respect the length of 1:17 seconds.


1 Scott Haggart - 1:17

2 Lary Seven - 1:17
3 Evol - 1:17
4 Felix Kubin - 1:17
5 White Daughter - 1:17
6 Charlie Mcalister - 1:17
7 Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen - 1:17