Title: Cagesan - I love machine
Label: Beaubrun (FR)
Format: CD
Catalog: bb1
Release Date: 2006
Order: Sold Out

"My name is Cagesan. I'm a bird, a Bicheno finch (Tasmania). I love the sound of the city. Trucks, motorcycles, every sound from the machine world makes me sing. 15 super talented and international electronic musicians contributed to my debut album I LOVE MACHINE. Everyone produced one song based on my natural singing. Each song has been named after one fashion outfit from the Spring Spring bird collection. Yes, I love fashion: you can check my interview for Vogue Uccellini on my record label's website."


1 Costume Prince des tenebres - Fashion Flesh
2 Blouse societe secrete - DJ Chienloup
3 Costume de lapin - Momus
4 Manteau de ville - MC Cat Genius
5 Manteau chic - Digiki
6 Habit de plage - Toog
7 Coiffe de parade - David Fenech
8 Parure royale - Cubist Literature
9 Echarpe et bonnet - O.lamm
10 Blouson en soie - Felix Kubin
11 Besace a graines - James Harvey
12 Chemise de nuit - Davide Balula
13 Cape San de lumiere - Olga
14 Chandail maille - Montag
15 Petite robe de printemps - Reznicek