Artist: Felix Kubin
Title: Big Mag #2
Label: Drop Of Blood Records (NL)
Format: 12" LP + art magazine
Catalog: bm002
Release Date: 2007
Order: Sold Out

The Pataphysical Tape Club is a fictional radio programme that plays pataphysical sound recordings sent in by listeners. The host of the show (Felix Kubin himself) not only introduces these recordings but also a new method of finding lost objects at home, he sings an amoeba hymn and interviews a man who approaches women by the help of self-built musical boxes with scary noises. This 25 minute radio play was orginally conceived for the Audiotoop festival in Nijmegen, then edited to a version for and finally released on Peter Fengler's ongoing series BIG MAG. This series is made of beautifully packaged boxes each containing a split-LP, an art magazine, posters and stickers.

BIGMAG is a magazine containing a 12” vinyl picture-disc and print work. It is supposed to be a blueprint as an extension of the physical body of club DE PLAYER. It is a magazine with many original contributions from writers, musicians, artists and others who were on stage or will be on stage at DE PLAYER. All the issues are in English and for the international market. Every issue is presented in combination with live-acts. These presentations are multi-headed-mutantic situations with live performances, films, readings and curiosities.

The 2nd issue, 'HEXAGON', contains the following contributions:

*the 12: IFCO/Antinaturals (US) and Felix Kubin (DE)
with label designed by RedBol (NL) and carton sleeve made by Jan Huijben (NL)

*3 posters by by Onomatopee (NL), Fucking Good Art (NL) and Stephan Bloth (DE)

*the magazine has contributions written by Fucking Good Art (NL), Ed Marzewski (US), Rohstoff (AT), Wilfried Hou je Bek (NL), Jay van Buren (US), Gerard Konings (NL), ANTINATURALS (US), Mr. van Dam (NL), Avi Pitchon (IL), Freek Lomme (NL), Kristina Ask (DK), WallRuss (NL)


1 Felix Kubin - The Pataphysical Tape Club

2 Idea Fire Company - The Heroic Chiseling Phase II

Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music