Artist: Felix Kubin / Coolhaven
Title: Suppe für die Nacht
Label: Korm Plastics (NL)
Format: CD
Catalog: brombron11/ kp3025
Release Date: 2006
Order: Sold Out

Many years ago, Felix Kubin's uncle Walter Knoth was looking for a composer to add sounds to his brilliant old-fashioned lyrics. The first choice fell on his own nephew but Felix obviously lacked the necessary instruments and external triggers to start working on it. The situation changed when an invitation from Holland was sent to him. The old noise veteran Frans de Waard wanted a collaboration between him and Rotterdam-based sound freaks Coolhaven for his Brombron series on Korm Plastics. The two different parties met in a converted henhouse in the Rotterdam harbour and began a daring cocktail of Optagon music, conservative Industrial, Stockhausen Schlager, No Impro Mixing and Gabber Pop production. The old noise veteran put his hands on his head. But a fright of more graceful ecstasy came to life when he realised that some tracks of the CD became the audience's favourites.


1 Silbergrüne Bluse 
2 Ärger dich nicht
3 Auf den Stufen Deiner Schönheit
4 There is a Garden 
5 Das Schiff der großen Illusionen 
6 Der bleiche Beobachter 
7 Kellergebet 
8 Weil du mich liebtest 
9 Dawn of Dünkel 
10 Wir färben sie (Ehrenwort)
11 Small Talk 1   
12 Waschzwangmama 
13 Schaumbad im Führerbunker (Küss mich, Satan) 
14 Angry Toys 
15 Suppe für die Nacht 
16 Notbremse 
17 Small Talk 2   
18 Frans de Waard 
19 Misschienapart

goMAG (ES) October 2006
D-SIDE (FR) September 2006
Blow Up (IT) October 2006

Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music