Artist: Felix Kubin / Jacques Palminger
Title: Sabata
Label: Gagarin Records (DE)
Format: Split 7" Single
Catalog: gr2002
Release Date: 1999
Order: Sold Out

Felix Kubin (Escalateur de la Musique Concrete), Jacques Palminger (Mesrine du Jazz Emanuelle) and Sergei Auto (Robotresse du pop naturelle) gathered to explore the foul grounds of leather skinned Charles Bronson. The result is a splendid blend of electro-Morricone on wheels, Sun Ra in the kitchen and a triste monologue with a happy ending.

by Charles Bronson

Fear hangs in dirty apples
From the crown of my soul
Fouling, yet not falling down
into the depth of unconsciousness

Hate was my woman
Fear is my life
Pain was my lover
Daughter and Wife


1 Sabata

2 Außer Atem

Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music