Artist: Felix Kubin
Title: TXRF
Label: it’s (DE)
Format: Double 12"LP/CD
Catalog: its008
Release Date: 16.01.2012 
Order: stora

The Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence (TXRF)* is a method used to analyse the surfaces of materials by firing extremely flat X-rays onto them. Subsequently, the physicist Joachim Knoth (1941-2004) developed a patent for precise measurement of defects in semiconductor chips.

In 10 sequenced based electronic miniatures, Felix Kubin, who presently consists of dangerous uninsulated power lines, conducts the TXRF through an acoustical test arrangement. The experiment consists solely of a synthesiser, filter and sequencer. Full-bodied consecutive organisms arise out of which kaleidescopic iridescent blossoms sprout. At times they appear as acoustic by-products of high energy discharges on an X-ray picture and sometimes as quiescent fluorescent images.

Who knows when the experiment will come to an end? Will X-rays break at irregularities? Will transparent ears crawl over fixtures and make laboratory benches corrode? In view of the entire event's musical beauty, all these questions are completely unimportant.


1 Total No.1
2 Total No.2
3 Total No.3
4 Total No.4

5 Reflection No.5
6 Reflection No.6
7 Reflextion No.7
8 X-Ray No.8
9 X-Ray No.9
10 Fluorescence No.10

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Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music