Artist: Felix Kubin
Title: Felix Kubin On Ear - Parasiten Partytour
Label: Olliwood Records (AT)
Format: CD-R
Catalog: or018
Release Date: 2006
Order: Sold Out

A wireless headphone concert by Felix Kubin recorded on the 7th of October 2006. The concert was performed as a procession. Both the artist and the audience were slowly walking through the center of Vienna, connected to each other with wireless headphones. The instruments and mixing desk were placed in a car in front of the musician, slowly moving from the Museumsquartier to the so-called Secession. On the way, Felix Kubin made several experiments with his microphone, interpreted songs about parasites and commented on the local environment. 

Parasitenpartytour was conceived as an art project by Olliver Hangl. The CD is an edited version of the recording.
Click here to watch video. 

Quote from the catalog:

"Parasitenpartytour 2006.

An inverted Party Tour as a parasitic subversion of the "Long Night of Museums". A group of people wearing wireless headphones moves, silently dancing through various public spaces in which events and parties are arranged. The new guests offer the audience silent visuals disconnected from audio; their actions cannot be decoded by the surrounding crowd  due to the inner versatile message. The sounds are broadcasted from a converted ORF truck where the DJs provide musical barrage. 

Among the parasitic appropriation of the already organised event (Long Night of Museums) there is a party in the party, gathering further possibilities and penetrating the external system of rules. What is visible from the outside is an individualised isolation of perception, combined with the uncontrollability of the mediated messages, which leads to a silent confrontation between participants and observers. Like with a sort of sect, their Pied Piper leads the group through the inner city of Vienna."

(in Min:Se.Milliseconds)

1  00:00.000 "Amöbia" (Text und Musik: Palminger/Kubin)
2  01:12.800 "Para-Swing"
3  02:15.158 "Parasitenbekenntnis 1: Die Schädigung des Wirtes"
4  04:09.049 "Die Wanze bewegt sich"
5  04:49.964 "Atomium Vertigo"
6  08:14.003 "Abgas mit Hall"
7  09:56.910 "Tief drinnen in der Sezession"
8  10:28.002 "Parasitenbekenntnis 2: Die Reduktion des Wachstums"
9  12:53.888 "Ich fühl mich gut"
10  15:12.432 "Kein Licht"
11  16:57.111 "Milben, Flöhe, Läuse"
12  18:09.488 "Kopf"

Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music