Artist: Felix Kubin & das Mineralorchester
Title: Music for Theatre and Radio Play
Label: Dekorder (DE)
Format: 12" LP/CD
Catalog: dekorder022
Release Date: 2008
Order: stora

Some of Kubin's most gorgeous and adventurous works are his contributions to "The Raft" (a radio play by the mysterious Xentos Bentos of The Homosexuals, directed by Lukas Simonis of Coolhaven, Trespassers W, Dull Schicksal) and his soundtracks for theatre plays by Branko Simic ("Zufall", based on a short story by Vladimir Nabokov) and the notorious Schorsch Kamerun. The latter (known in Germany as a member of Goldenen Zitronen) directed "Hollywood Elegien" based on a song cycle by Bertolt Brecht and Hanns Eisler. Now the best parts of these works are for the first time available on LP and CD, simply (and aptly) titled "Music for Theatre and Radio Play".

While the musical spectrum on this release covers a variety of styles and moods it's still almost immediately recognisable as a typically Kubin-ist work featuring the main ingredients that his records and body-and-mind-boggling live shows are famous for. Twisted rhythms & playfully clever arrangements that could have been created by a mutated reincarnation of the legendary Juan Esquivel; hauntingly ethereal tracks sounding like a narcoleptic John Carpenter playing Angelo Badalamenti arrangements; contorted Big Band music, pre-war Schlager and Vaudeville sent through a malfunctioning pre-digital time machine; Ennio Morricone cloned as a Russian male choir; instrumental workers' songs Hanns Eisler might have imagined in a feverish nightmare  - it's all there, and more!

His live concert consists of diverse compositions that Felix Kubin created for theatre and radio plays in the past 10 years. A lot of the music is derived from the "Hollywood Elegies" (1942/43) by Bertolt Brecht and Hanns Eisler and from the play "A matter of chance" (1924) by Vladimir Nabokov. Both works are based on the typical East European topic: the emigration and the Russian revolution. 

In "Hollywood Elegies" Brecht and Eisler critically reflect the miserable conditions of European immigrants (implicating their own situation) who had to prostitute themselves in Hollywood in order to survive. 

The brilliant short story "A matter of chance" (1924) by Nabokov is less socio-critical but rather of typical Russian fatalism. It deals with the cocaine addict Alexej Lushin who decides to put an end to his miserable life after he lost his wife Jelena in the confusion of the Russian October Revolution. Lushin works as a waiter on a train. The same night that he decides to commit suicide, his wife accidentally enters the train but they don't meet each other and ultimately Lushin kills himself.

Finally, there are few tracks that Felix Kubin composed for a Polish theatre version of Macbeth at the 2010 Szekspirowski Festival in Danzig.


1 Alexej
2 Orchester 1
3 Zug
4 Lena
5 Orchester 2

Hollywood Elegien
6 Die Prophetin
7 Hollywood
8 Rat Man
9 Zeitmaschine
10 Fischrevue
11 Am Pool

The Raft
12 Odin's Will
13 Dutch Naval Air Defence
14 Drifting
15 The New Weapon
16 Memory Loop
17 Mystic Sailor
18 Yellow Sky
19 Storm
20 Cola Island
21 D.N.A.D. Reprise
22 Miraculous Rescue

Track 1-5: "Zufall" (Coincidence), theatre play from a short story by Vladimir Nabokov, directed by Branko Simic, 2003

Track 6-11: "Hollywood Elegien" (Hollywood elegies), theatre play from a song cycle by Bert Brecht and Hanns Eisler, directed by Schorsch Kamerun, 2002

Track 12-21: "The Raft", Radio play by Xentos Fray Bentos, Directed by Lukas Simonis, 2006

All tracks apart from "Rat Man" (Eisler) composed and produced by Felix Kubin. Recorded 2002 at Zollverein Essen and 2003/2006 at Hammerbrooklyn Studio Hamburg

Skug (AT) April 2008
Neural (IT) July 2008
Gonzo (BE) May 2008
DE:BUG (DE) Jauary 2008

Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music