Artist: Felix Kubin
Title: Kompilator (Nuevos Ricos)
Label: Nuevos Ricos (MX)
Format: CD
Catalog: inti015
Release Date: 2009

"A vase gives a shape to the void, and the music to the silence" BRAQUE, George

Wonder child, and peculiar adult, Kubin surprises us with his electronic futurist cabaret style, leaving million of superior entities sterile. His work is a polychromatic range of audiophile intelligence, showing and demonstrating with every beat why his brain his superior than the rest of the 'mexicolas'. His musical vision has been praised by the great minds of the 21st century, his music production sums up to more than 82 records, his conferences acclaimed through the venues of international intelligence, his music for films and theatre are envied by musician such as Bernstein, Giacoman o Pandereti just to name a few. 
14 tracks with the caliber of Hit Me Provider,
 Russki Beat, Qualitat Des Staates which will delight the
 Chiripiorcos of these wild lands. A pure abstract language for synthesis lovers. Dodecaphonic coffee followers, do not miss him! Esquivel wannabes hold on to your I.Q.!!!

"Music begins where language ends"
 HOFFMANN, Ernst Theodor Amadeus.


01 Wirbelwind am Manual
02 Hit me provider 
03 This is no dream
04 I lost my heart in Reykjavik 
05 Disko Brouillage 
06 Der Hund der Hond 
07 Qualität des Staates 
08 Fernsehpropheten
09 Babelfisch Swing Ballett
10 Russki Beat 
11 Doppelagenten 
12 Menthol Radio Swing 
13 Krematorien 
14 There is a garden

Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music