Artist: Felix Kubin & Aavikko
Title: Antarktis Slow Rock / Super Lake Beat
Label: Diskono (UK)
Format: 7" Single
Catalog: diskono014
Release Date: 2001
Order: Sold Out

For the first time on record, the talents of Hamburg's "Bela Bartok of swinging organpop" Felix Kubin and manic Finnish Casio surf-punk trio Aavikko are combined. The result is accurately described by Herr Kubin as a "drinking evergreen post punk psychosis".

Driven by the incredible swinging syncopations of Aavikko's 'human metronome' Tomi Leppänen and twin Casio attack of Paul Staufenbiel and Tomi Kosonen, "Super Lake Beat", was composed by the dear AA's with Kubin working feverishly in his Hamburg laboratory to add his trademark organ 'whiskey melodies' and the swaying voices of a Russian Sailor choir. "Antarktis Slow Beat" is Aavikko's "hardcore version" of Kubin's B-movie lament "Antarktis Slow Rock". Heavier than Charles Bukowski and ten times as sleazy. Be warned! This is not 'electronic' listening music or mindless entertainment, but music to drink to and destroy or fuck with violent tenderness. 

Aavikko are Paul Staufenbiel, Tomi Kosonen, and Tomi Leppänen (two synthplayers and one drummer). They play all-instrumental semi-psychedelic music in the spirit of 60's Italo-westerns with Slavic pop melodies and a definite hard noise edge. Their style is aptly put by themselves as "Casiocore".

Track list

1 Antarktis Slow Rock

2 Super Lake Beat

Zone 2002 (NL)
magic! (FR) February 2002
Side-Line (BE) March 2002

Felix Kubin
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