Artist: Felix Kubin / Reznicek
Title: Ipsomat Legrand
Label: Disaster Area (DE)
Format: 10" EP
Catalog: da013
Release Date: 2001
Order: Sold Out

Side A of the album consists of a track by Reznicek and Kubin, featuring Mariola Brillowska. A piece which moves back and forth, growing from a clicking white noise soundscape into a distorted voice and then into an ever dense rhythm. Like in waves it flows back and then rebuilds again, until finally descending into a long shimmering buzz. The flip side sees Mark Mancha producing two mixes, connecting with side A using percussive fragments and echoey cut ups. The Ensemble Mix opens with bleep sounds and a church ringing, followed by a deep rumble which develops into a pulse.
The next track, Elastic Mix, layers lots of different loops - clicking, whipping, big tones, hollow knocking - adding voices and piano, and holding the suspense before the sounds build up towards the end.


1 Ipsomat Légrand

2 Ipsomat Légrand (Ensemble Mix)
3 Ipsomat Légrand (Elastic Remix)

Incursion Music Review (CA) April 2001
Terra Soundralis Incognita (PL) 2001
Testcard (DE) June 2002
Ampersand Etcetera (AU) November 2001

Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music