Artist: Felix Kubin
Title: Jet-lag Disco
Label: A-Musik (DE)
Format: 3 Mini CD / 12" Maxi LP
Catalog: a19 / a19v
Release Date: 2001
Order: Sold Out

Initially printed up as a souvenir to sell on a recent tour to Japan, this enchanting little three-inch CD was later on made available to everyone, also on Vinyl. Sixteen minutes and forty-nine seconds of pure fun over six tracks, ranging from wacky to slightly cute and a tad cheesy to kind of melancholic.

Disco stomp and sway on 'Phonebashing' and 'I Lost My Heart in Reykjavik'; an improvised love letter to Felix and the city of Hamburg on 'Mondgesang', spoken into an answering machine by the creator of Kubin's album covers, Mariola Brillowska; the wonderfully corny and sleazy 'Hotel Supernova'; and, to round things off, a little twisted future jazz for the Eurotrash crowd, a remix for People Like Us. A tasty appetiser. 

Featuring "Rubbermind" drums by Max Goldt on "I lost my heart in Reykjavik" and additional programming by Viktor Marek on "Phonebashing".

Die Quelle verborgen / Im Berg im Salz ein Bach / Eine Spieluhr hoere ich.


1 Phonobashing   
2 Groscher Lausangriff   
3 Mondgesang  

4 Hotel Supernova  
5 I Lost My Heart In Reykjavik  
6 Liebe Mutter

Espiello (ES) Autumn 2003

Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music