Artist: Pia Burnette & Felix Kubin
Title: Tesla’s Aquarium
Label: Storage Records (DE)
Format: 12" LP
Catalog: storage005
Release Date: 2000
Order: stora

Debut record from the sci-fi pop master Felix Kubin (Klangkrieg, Gagarin Records) and the diva of macabre Pia Burnette (Mausi Sisters, Helgoland and Band and Elektro Sun). 11 heterogeneous songs culminating in 2 months of studio work and marking a departure from previous works released from this unlikely duo.

Tesla's Aquarium is chiefly inspired by the scientific synthetic/acoustic vision of Dr.
Kubin who provides short-wave electronics, shrill farfisa whirls, dissonant
violins, atmospheric sounds, a multitude of hand-played rhythms and buzzing
organ treatments. Max Goldt gives his own contribution through strange cling-clang rhythms created with his prepared electric guitar, and taken from recordings in his living room 15 years ago!

Pia Burnette, better known for her hypnotic sinister vocals, assumes the
the androgynous hip-priestess role here, obtusely complimenting the rhythmic
sound cocktails orchestrated by the mad scientist Kubin.  Her vocal stylings
range from sassy urban punkette (in German), tipsy Geisha Doll (sung in
Japanese) and operatic pop diva (in English).

"Tesla's Aquarium" fuses subliminal aggression and melancholy into an
eclectic collage of mesmerising sounds and hypnotic ballads for fans of
'unconventional' pop music.

Herz aus Schnee

Gondosan schickt mir keinen Frühling
mein Herz ist aus Schnee, mein Garten schläft
Gondosan klopft an meine Fenster
eh Du mich versiehst, ist es zu spät

Gondosan, sieh die Brücken stürzen
der Zauber der Blüten tut mir weh
es nisten in Deinen Galaxieen
Libellen im Schilfgeflecht am See


1 Time accidently kills
2 Kinyobi
3 She looks at us like all the stars
4 Blind in Manhattan
5 Clickety Clack

6 Spexmo
7 Enemy
8 Herz aus Schnee
9 Heliopause
10 Hide & Seek
11 Shi Nu

REVIEWS: (AU) November 2012
Radio Z (DE) December 2000

Pia Burnette & Felix Kubin
Songs of poisonous beauty