Artist: Felix Kubin
Title: Die Pein vom Haupt entfernen
Label: Watzmann (DE)
Format: 12" LP Wundertrommel & film object boxset
Catalog: watz009
Release Date: 1999
Order: Sold Out

This box-set combines a mini-LP with 8 musical tracks with a primitive film projector called 'zootrope' containing 8 short films. The 8 musical pieces are connected to the 8 short films, which can be both listened to and seen on your record player.

No complicated assembly kit, no risk for your record player, everything is quickly installed and again adds, as usual with these Rund um den Watzmann releases, a new dimension to the medium 'long player'. Felix Knoth, also known as Felix Kubin, 1/2 Klangkrieg or 1/2 Liedertafel Margot Honecker, realised a short film with the same title back in 1994. Both film and music are a restless self-reflection. This object is an archetype in the tradition of the Tödliche Doris Box or the Vegetarian Bavarian in Exile Box. 
Apparently it has to be in a box. 

For more information on the release and how it works go to Watzmann 009.
To see the complete Die Pein vom Haupt entfernen film click here.


1 Manuelle Verformung der Gesichtshaut
2 Juckreizbehandlung am Ruecken
3 Fussbodenreinigung
4 Treten und trampeln gegen Bettpfosten und Bettgitter
5 Fingerspiel
6 Naegelkauen
7 Entfusseln von Gewebe
8 Rythmisches Aufschlagen mit dem Kopf

die Zeit (DE) June 2000

Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music