Artist: Klangkrieg (1987-2003)
Title: Radionik
Label: Cling Film-Records (BE)
Format: CD
Catalog: cf08
Release Date: 2000
Order: Sold Out

Radionik comprises 11 electroacoustic tracks of fluid, hissing and buzzing sonic material. Processed sounds of gas, heatings, fridges, electricity mains, interferences form a kind of radioactive music. Extreme frequencies, very lively compositions in the tradition of modern tape music.


1 Gas
2 Bremsen
3 Kühlschrank
4 Oberleitung
5 Heizung 3
6 Heizung 2
7 Heizung 1
8 Telegraph
9 Stellwerk
10 Kanal
11 Radium

Vital Weekly (NL) 2000

Klangkrieg (1987-2003)
Noise, silence and sibilance