Artist: Klangkrieg (1987-2003)
Title: Das Fieber der menschlichen Stimme
Label: Audioview (BE)
Format: CD
Catalog: av004
Release Date: March 1999
Order: Sold Out

Klangkrieg's 1999 release "Das Fieber der menschlichen Stimme" (The fever of the human voice) features 9 compositions made out of processed human voice sounds.

The title refers to an installation work conceived for 8 loudspeakers and a video projection that has been premiered at Den Anden Opera in Copenhagen during the ArtGENDA festival in 1996. Track 2 is a stereo mix version of this 17 minute piece which was composed and edited at the media art dept. of the AKI art school in Enschede, Netherlands.

Most of the tracks on this CD, among them a composition by Bernd Schurer, make exclusive use of human voice sounds, ranging from cut-up spoken word to completely 'atomised' voice bits and digits. In excessive sonic treatments Klangkrieg split up words, meanings and information until they lost their recognisable structures. The character of this 'phonetic poetry' changes from mechanically-abstract to sensitively-concrete textures.

"Das Fieber..." is about the dictatorship of precision, reflecting the assimilation of biology and technology in both ways.

All compositions made between 1995 and 1998.

Track list

1 Schlafen links
2 Das Fieber der menschlichen Stimme
3 Kehlentanz 3
4 Schraubkopf
5 Aus den hinteren Reihen*
6 Anormales Geräusch
7 Flieger In Großer Spirale
8 Kürsprecher
9 Schönes Gefühl

*composed by Bernd Schurer using KK's original voice sound material

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Klangkrieg (1987-2003)
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