Artist: Klangkrieg (1987-2003)
Title: 38 cbm
Label: ND (US)
Format: CD
Catalog: nd09
Release Date: 1996
Order: Sold Out

This CD contains 6 pieces recorder between 1993 and 1995. The title track "38 cbm" is an audio art piece created for a freight container installation commissioned by the ZKM (centre for art and media technology) in Karlsruhe, Germany. 
"Korpus 1" and "Korpus 2" were created exclusively with samples of inside piano recordings reminiscent of a giant mechanical clockwork. In contrast, "Tokkata" and "Nachtwache" are composed solely with electronic sounds centred around the KORG MS 20 synthesiser. 
The final track, "Stuhlscharren", represents the cinematographic quality which became a trademark of Klangkrieg's music: a sliding chair slowly turns into a claustrophobic layer of sounds that evoke the scene for the search of an invisible enemy.

Track list

1  38 cbm
2  Nachtwache
3  Korpus 1
4  Korpus 2
5  Tokkata
6  Stuhlscharren

Klangkrieg (1987-2003)
Noise, silence and sibilance