Artist: Klangkrieg / Reznicek
Title: Konstellationen / Allergie und Gegenwelt
Label: Wachsender Prozess (DE)
Format: 7" Single
Catalog: WP02
Release Date: 1995
Order: Sold Out

Early split LP from Hamburg based Klangkrieg and Günter Reznicek. Klangkrieg's track "Konstellationen" stems from a live-recording of a concert they played in 2004 at Rote Flora in Hamburg. The music is characterised by noise, rhythm and machinery sounds in the tradition of l'art des bruits. In contrast, Reznicek comes up with four very intense pieces of haunting ambient music created with prepared electric guitar and various sound effects. Up to date, the music hasn't lost any of its hypnotic and abstract-melodic quality.

"Vivenza style machine sounds, ever more skilfully developed by Klangkrieg. On the back side, G. Reznicek's absolutely capturing guitar distortions and effects radiate a fantastic and intense aura". 

Drone Katalog (DE)

Klangkrieg's 1994 live recording shows a relatively angry and noisy side of the band. Right from the start we hear metallic and extreme screeching  sounds - (…) The music here seems to be in contrast with the available settings of their CD releases, following a Wall-Of-Sound aesthetic." 

Auf Abwegen (DE)

Track list

1 Klangkrieg - Konstellationen

2 G. Reznicek - Allergie und Gegenwelt

Klangkrieg (1987-2003)
Noise, silence and sibilance