Artist: Felix Kubin
Title: Max Brand Studie IV / TOPIA
Label: V-I-S
Format: 12" LP / DD
Catalog: BB334
Release date: 02.03.2019
Order: sold out
Download: bandcamp (extracts)

A - Max Brand Studie IV

Composition for 8 loudspeakers, arranged in a circle.All sounds: Max Brand synthesizer (two mother oscillators with 4 subharmonic oscillations each and B-oscillator). Recorded in the former premises of the Institute for Media Archaeology, Hainburg a.d.Donau, November 2013. Premiere of the original version: Audible Festival, Paris, September 2016. Revised stereo version: April 2018.

"As I experimented with different settings and sounds, the apparatus began to develop a life of its own. Its monophonic, swaying tonal registers conjured a ghostly presence in the vaulted space. Here I sat with the egocentric and stubborn Max Brand, we sat together on a long thin wire and listened to a distant war that was not our own." – Felix Kubin, 2013


Composition for a 3-channel video installation by Josephin Böttger.All sounds: Rob Hordijk modular system and sounds of the port of Hamburg. Recorded at Hammerbrooklyn Studio, Hamburg, September 2016. Premiere of the original version: Oberhafenquartier Halle 4, Hamburg, September 2016. Revised stereo version: March 2018.

" indeterminate figure climbing from hill to hill – mounds of earth, remains of excavation work on building sites, the negative form of the office towers collapsed and turned outwards, superfluous material. With yardsticks, tubes and fold-out plans, the figure struggles to measure the land that nolonger seems to obey (...) the scene – of an absurd fable of growth – in an endless loop." – Nina Lucia Groß, 2016

Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music