Artist: Felix Kubin & das Mineralorchester
Title: II: Music for Film and Theatre
Label: Dekorder
Format: 12"LP / DD#
Catalog: dekorder081
Release date: 30.09.2016
Order: stora 
Download: bandcamp 

Here's the long awaited 2nd volume of soundtrack works by Felix Kubin on the Dekorder label, following 2008's "Music for Theatre and Radio Play".

Like for the previous album, this is a collection of soundtracks that Felix Kubin was commissioned to compose for film and theatre productions. "Music for Film and Theatre" compiles 11 tracks from Polish director Robert Florczak's "Makbet Remix" (based on William Shakespeare's "Macbeth"), a waltz from Schorsch Kamerun's "Des Kaisers neue Kleider" (by Hans Christian Andersen) and the complete soundtrack (including the actual sound design) for Anke Feuchtenberger's animation short "Somnambule". Experimenting with genres and diverse forms of expression, not only this album is different from Kubin's usual style, but it also reaches beyond its original "applied" purpose, becoming a whole body of work in itself. 

“Music for Film and Theatre” is an auditive journey that allows the listener to flawlessly dive through imagination, step onto a stage, and walk through any scenarios that the music visually stimulates. Freed from conventional song formats and genre stereotypes he effortlessly combines Musique Concrète noises, splashes of haunted virtual orchestras, Gameboy music minuets and voice collage interspersed with tons of suspense and gloomy industrial atmospheres. Like a dream machine, where the choice of consecutive sounds will ultimately lead each time to a different story, whether it might be walking through a murder scene, stepping on the empty surface of a rocky planet, or entering a mechanical fabric factory, this album promises infinite variations.


1 Krew
2 Wojna
3 Sztylet
4 Game Over 
5 Menuett I
6 Küchenmusik
7 Brief
8 Banquo

9 Hexen
10 Menuett II
11 Sexmord
12 Traumtanz
13 Somnambule

Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music