Title: Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik
Label: Cache Cache / ZickZack
Format: Double 12" LP
Catalog: cache012 / zz2039
Release Date: 1.12.14

It's 1982. In Germany, the four-track tape studio becomes the medium of the collective unconscious; becomes the embrasure, the lighting rod and the magnetic witness to the fears of an imminent nuclear war. In their freshly established home studios, the protagonists practice the new underground music, the “undirected aggression of liberated sounds”, as Frank Apunkt Schneider expressed in his book Als die Welt noch unterging (As The World Was Still Ending). Everything that isn't nailed or riveted down is used as an instrument: baking trays, cartons, lamps, toys, wooden flutes, whistles, cans, trays, record players, televisions, a doorbell, 
a telephone. An obsession with noise drones outside the living rooms of the nation. 
Not even sparing the children. 

Compiled by Felix Kubin, this eccentric anthology features 25 rare and mostly unheard tracks by bands like Plastiktanz, Neros Tanzende Elektropäpste, chbb, Holger Hiller and Pyrolator, as well as several one hit wonders by the rural tape label Pissing Cow Tapes.


1  Dit + Uta - Science Fiction Park BRD
2  Z.S.K.A. - La Sûreté Nr 3
3  Neros tanzende Elektropäpste - Der singende Lenorhaushalt
4  Kleines Schwingvergnügen - 10 Jahre Frauenbewegung
5  Das Glück - Bombe fällt
6  Andy Giorbino - Stadt der Kinder
7  Plastiktanz - Chord Invasions
8  CHBB - Ima Iki Mashoo
9  Eisenhauer - Insekten
10 Holger Hiller - Ja / Nein
11  Wat?Sanitär! - Except me and my monkey
12  Cinéma Vérité - Starres Weiß
13  Cinéma Vérité - Die Zone
14  Lustige Mutanten - Mißgeburten
15  Pyrolator - Vati es brennt
16  X2 - Das Bild
17  Twist Noir - Enemies
18  Grüne Rosen - Jungle
19  Pierre Godot - Petra im spanischen Garten
20  Anadolu Bayramlari - Titremek ve Terlemek
21  Co-Mix - Revol Rules OK
22  Diet - Abblstiel
23  Plastiktanz - Pelikan
24  Grüne Rosen - Do you feel the love inside me?
25  Frank Schröder - Ohne Titel (1983-18)

Science Fiction Park BRD - lyrics translated to English (pdf)