Artist: Felix Kubin / Mariola Brillowska
Title: H.O.N.D.
Label: A-Musik (DE)
Format: CD
Catalog: a33
Release Date: 20.4.2007
Order: stora

The first joint release of hamburg-based all-around artists Felix Kubin (music, sounds) and Mariola Brillowska (lyrics, vocals). For Brillowska's 2006 theatre play House Of National Dog (H.O.N.D.), Kubin composed a soundtrack in order to mess up this infamous musical by twirling colourful little building bricks around in it. This then became an album in its own right, where constructivist orchestra- and plunderphonics-collages meet Gameboy-disco while melancholy-laden chansons rub against Weill/Eisler-like hymns.

The dog is the leitmotif of the House Of National Dog, where it serves as substitute lover, national symbol, fashion model, guinea pig, hairy Tamagotchi, fighting dog and agent of free sexuality.


1 Hond Prolog
2 Der Hund Der Hond
3 Hunde Und Wölfe
4 Lola La
5 Catchtanz
6 Thermoveralls
7 Ich Sacke Hund
8 Modenshow
9 Kostüme
10 Telefonsex
11 Hond Aerobic
12 Wenn Dein Hund Stirbt

CD bonus tracks:
14 Liebeskrankenhaus
15 Snupiehund

Skug (AT) January 2008
Spex (DE) November 2007
Kinda Muzik (NL) October 2007

Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music