Artist: Felix Kubin
Title: Fernsehpropheten
Label: Raum für Projektion (DE)
Format: DVD-R
Catalog: rfp_kubin
Release Date: 2010
Order: stora

DVD Release with animation short films, music videos, live gigs (including very early footage from 1984) and soundtracks by Felix Kubin, hydro-extracted from more than two decades of hyperactivity. Features music videos by renowned underground artists such as Martha Colburn, Graw Böckler and Mariola Brillowska. Available in NTSC and PAL format.

To view the photo gallery of the DVD click here. Many of the other films you'll find in the film section.

List of Videos

1 Lightning Strikes (2009), directed by Sönke Held
2 Orchester  2 (2009), directed by Benedikt Rugar
3 Boats in the Bedroom (2008), directed by Graw Böckler
4 Hond Aerobic (2006), directed by Mariola Brillowska
5 Matki Wandalki (2005), directed by Mariola Brillowska
6 Big Bug Attack/Groscher Lausangriff (2002), directed by Martha Colburn
7 Hotel Super Nova (2001), directed by Mariola Brillowska

1 Ich will aufwärts ich will abwärts (2007), directed by Julian H. Scaff
2 Morgenröte (1999), directed by Mariola Brillowska & Felix Kubin
3 Der Falsche Spieler (1996), directed by Mariola Brillowska
4 Rote Grütze (1995), directed by Liedertafel Margot Honecker
5 Vorwärts, Freie Deutsche Jugend (1994), directed by Guido Weihermüller

1 Nackt (1996), directed by Felix Kubin
2 Die Pein vom Haupt Entfernen (1994), directed by Felix Kubin 
3 It's Europe (1993), directed by Felix Kubin 

1 Pia Burnette & Felix Kubin (2008), Westwerk, Hamburg 
2 Mariola Brillowska & Felix Kubin (2005), Elektropopklub, Bytom 
3 Felix Kubin (2005), Musiques Volantes, Metz
4 Gagarin Records 5th Anniversary (2003), Waagenbau, Hamburg 
5 Die Egozentrischen 2 (1984), Möbel Perdu, Hamburg


Running Time: 120'

The Wire (UK) April 2010

Felix Kubin
Sci-Fi Pop, Radio Plays, Sound Art, Chamber Music