Die Maschine steht still

The machine stops

Realisation: Felix Kubin
Production: NDR 2018
Dramaturgy: Michael Becker
First Broadcast: May 23, 2018
Duration: 80'

with Susanne Sachsse, Rafael Stachowiak, Achim Buch, Susanne Reuter, Bela Brillowska, Josef Ostendorf, Marina Galic, Hannes Hellmann, Anne Moll, Wolf-Dietrich Sprenger, a.o.

Adaptation of a dystopian science fiction short story by E.M. Forster from the year 1909. Most of the human population lives in an underground, separate world, with all comfort. Everyday life is perfectly regulated by the services of the "machine". Without the need for personal encounters, people communicate only via electronic devices that are maximally networked with each other. Everything physical, everything sensual is replaced by synthetic substitutes. The story tells the conflict between Vashati, an intellectual woman who believes in the achievements of the machine, and her son Kunó who breaks out of the system and enters the surface of the Earth which is supposed to be dangerous and uninhabitable.