Orpheus Psykotron

Realisation: Felix Kubin 
Composition: Felix Kubin and Burkhard Friedrich
Production: BR 2006 
Dramaturgy: Katarina Agathos
First Broadcast: December 8, 2006
Duration: 54'58"

with Gerhard Garbers, Lars Rudolph, Yvon Jansen, Traugott Buhre, Marlen Diekhoff, Lorenz Meyboden, Charlotte Crome, Leéna Fahje  a.o.

Orpheus, son of an inventor and a singer, is worshipped by the lost youth for his eccentric concerts. His instrument, the Psykotron, can transform the flow of any thought directly into electronic signals of music, sounds and language. When his great love Eura dies from a strange disease, Orpheus decides to bring her back from the world of the dead. But the encounter between the two lovers turns out to be different than expected.

Felix Kubin developed his new version of the ancient Orpheus myth based on Dino Buzzati's unusual pop art comic "Orphi and Eura". Italian writer and artist Buzzati had created this surprisingly modern late work in 1968, shortly before his death. In Kubin's vision, the story line is transferred into the age of electronic information and mainly revolves around the interfaces between reality and dream, underworld and underworld, recording and playback.