Realisation: Vicki Bennett (People Like Us) and Felix Kubin
Production:  Commissioned by FACT's Collaboration Programme
Dramaturgy: Vicki Bennett and Felix Kubin
First Broadcast: April 2004
Duration: 31'14"

with Shaun, Stephany, Natalie, Adam, Michael, David, Amy, Chantelle, Laura a.o.

A selected group of nine 12-year-old children from Liverpool Croxteth Comprehensive School were taught how to use digital hard disk recording programmes and use the results of this workshop as a basis for a radio edit.

Before the actual workshop started, the children were given MiniDisc players to catch radio-related sound material such as radio ham, shortwave signals, voices, music etc.
After a general technical training period the group was divided into teams to fulfill special tasks like creating jingles, fake documentaries, news and weather forecasts, interviews about music and noise, cut-ups of irritating and unidentifiable sounds and humming twins with headphones.

 During the morning time, the artists worked with the children, while in the afternoon and evening time, they listened through their daily results and added their own sounds, melodies and collaged noises. From this mixed material, a 30-minute radio edit was put together ready to be broadcasted on internet radio and Vicki Bennett's weekly radio show “DO or DIY” on WFMU in New York.

To listen to the complete radio play click here