Orphée Mécanique

Composition and realisation: Felix Kubin
Production: BR Hörspiel und Medienkunst 2006/2012
Dramaturgy: Katarina Agathos
First Broadcast: March 30, 2012
Duration: 49'58"

with Lars Rudolph, Gerhard Garbers, Yvon Jansen, Charlotte Chrome, Traugott Buhre, Marlen Diekhoff, Leéna Fahje, Nikola Duric

Hoping to free his beloved Eura from the realm of the dead, the excentric popstar Orpheus descents to the underworld, where he encounters a strange and at the same time fascinating cosmos. With his instrument, the Psykotron, which can transform streams of thoughts directly into electronic signals, into music, sounds and language, he becomes a celebrated star. Nonetheless, Eura cannot be found and therefore Orpheus desperately, even obsessively repeats his journey to the underworld: an eternal search for love in an infinite loop. Felix Kubin created his new version of the ancient myth as an acoustic comic, in which the songs of Orpheus become audible memories, that extend the notion of song beyond its traditional borders into the fragmentary and experimental. 

"The piece is an ejector seat that throws the listener out of the linearity of the story, something like a meta radio drama, a parable, a poetic dissolution, using motifs of the original story, but more open and experimental. It is Orpheus' musique mécanique" (Felix Kubin).

Orphee Manuscript engl translation.pdf

The Drone (F) Dec 2012
Musikexpress (DE) 2013
FAZ (DE) April 2013