Mother in the Fridge

Realisation: Felix Kubin
First Boadcast: March 2, 2012
Duration: 40'

with Felix Kubin and his mother

This radio play was produced for Vicki Bennett's extensive "Radio Boredcast" project which was part of the AV Festival in Newcastle, UK.

Felix Kubin describes the unusual genesis of the piece like this:

"The piece "Mother in the fridge" is based on a phone conversation between my mother and me. I recorded this call spontaneously in order to take revenge on the many words that I am carrying around with me.  

My mother loves to talk and she loves to talk in English. As I knew of the Boredcast Radio project of my friend Vicki Bennett, I suddenly decided to make this a long conversation in English with a lot of twists and little stories and some experiments with my mobile phone. I started to place the phone (=my mother) in all kinds of different sonic environments in order to test the corresponding acoustics and see what it does to the imagination of the listener. This idea led to a playfully improvised radio drama about early reflections on late memories.

Most people who take a call from my mother don't get away with a talk under 40 minutes. That's why this radio play has a duration of 40 minutes."