2020-09-22 A tiny whistle from beyond the social media grave

Lads and Gentlewomen,

we are still working on my new website. We are close but not there yet. Corona chill time, that's what they say. We love the slow mornings and the lonely evenings. We listen to the beautiful birds up in the air who don't care. Lots of animals move around my desk, all the geese have nothing to do. Where do they come from, where do they go? Where do WE go?

Well, Hubert Zemler and I go to play two concerts at the Avant Art Festival in Poland on 27 September 2020 in Wroclaw and on 1 October in Warsaw. Zemler, the brilliant drummer, and I founded the new duo CEL for Motorik Sequenzer Musik. CEL means "target" in Polish. In mid February we released a new LP on Hamburg's imprint for quality Krautwerk Bureau B. We already played a few good gigs in Paris and Brussles and Hamburg, so don't hesitate to come by, if you are close to Poland (who isn't?)! The amazing video to which we are going to perform is by Josephin Böttger. She also created our first music clip "Elektrybalt".

For all the Gagarin Records fans out there: an endless tape is waiting in the line for the infinite jest. To be released soon. More details in the next two weeks on my well-known website.

Cling to your favourite mug. A good whiskey will warm your worries.

2020-02-04 Felix in Wonderland and his new website


You may have recognized it got a bit quiet and chilly here - but this has nothing to do with the chilliest and most boring winter since the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest (9 A.D.). The Northern GREYZONE that we are suffering from in Hamburg and Grønland only strengthens our hope for better times when global warming either will turn this latitude into a Latin Lover zone or bring back the frost that looks like a real winter, Snowwhite, dwarfs and frozen toes included.

Let's get to the hard facts: soon this website (felixkubin.com) will appear in a totally new look with new features and better structure, including music and videos and shameless photos, as you'd expect from the "whirlwind wizzard of the ivories" (quote Mark Poysden).

Furthermore, Marie Losier's film portrait "Felix in Wonderland" of that said wizzard is currently conquering festivals all over the world. We have already scored two awards in Milan and San Sebastian. Next screenings will be at Doc Fortnight 2020 / MoMA New York (7.+14.2.), F.A.M.E. Paris (15.2.), CPH:DOX Copenhagen (18.3. + live gig at Alice) and Glasgow Short Film Festival (21.3. + concert). Many more to come.

There will also be two premieres in Hamburg and Berlin very soon: at Metropolis Kino (14.2. - 21:15h) and the rather new and very beautiful Silent Green in Berlin (15.2. - 19:30h). At the latter one, I will also play a live soundtrack afterwards to Wolfgang Lehmann's beautiful insect flicker film "Dragonflies with birds and snake".

To stay tuned to newest news, take a look at my FB page now and then.

2019-07-27 Film premiere "Felix in Wonderland"

Big surprise for your eyes! Marie Losier's funny and bizarre film portrait Felix in Wonderland about a certain Kubin you like is finished. This shiny diamond will see its world premiere on 16th of August 2019 at the Locarno Film Festival. From there on it might hop straight into YOUR shed, so keep the doors and eyes open, dude.

2018-11-03 MoMA PS1

Dear peoples in overseas!

I cannot conceal the news that I will be playing a show at MOMA PS1 in a few days, to be exact: on 11.11.2018.
First it will be a video clip shooting on stage (whatever that means), then a talk about butter and Trompe-l'œil, and finally a concert by your favourite knob turner Don Kubin. It will be a marvellous event with lots of friends involved. Have a look at the whole series of performances, all linked to Marie Losier's film retrospective Just a Million Dreams at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Ahoi and don't watch corners!

2018-09-13 Releases, exhibitions, papiripar

Pull up to my bunker, baby! Here IS some news and it IS relevant: on 20.9.18 the exhibition Im Zweifel für den Zweifel about world conspiracies and postfaktische Wahrheiten will open at Düsseldorf's NRW-Forum. Felix Kubin's "Historical Recordings Vol. II" compilation (soon to be released on Gagarin Records) will be part of it, and he will perform live at the opening. Other artists involved at the exhibition include Ólafur Elíasson, Forensic Architecture, Iocose, Tony Oursler, Michael Schirner, Andreas Slominski.

Also, let it be known and trumpeted all around that our festival papiripar will take place for the first time from 17.-20.10.2018. Curated by Florian Bräunlich and Felix Kubin, it staggers at the edge of experimental pop music, visual and performance art, and features great groups / personalities such as Pinkie Bowtie (Dennis Tyfus, Peter Fengler, Vaast Colson), Das Qualleninstitut (all about jellyfish), Sven-Åke Johansson, Lucrecia Dalt, Tolouse Low Trax, The Modern Institute and many more. On the website you can find all details and subscribe to our newsletter.

Last and finally, Mr. Kubin will release a new album with two long electro-acoustic pieces on the young and shiny label VIS. Another release linked to the beautiful NNOI festival will contain his soundtrack for René Clairs surrealist movie "Entr'acte". The compilation will also feature tracks by Asmus Tietchens, Rashad Becker and others (there is always THE OTHER).

2018-06-01 Sci-Fi Radio Play

I know you love the German language, so here's the Space Cake of the Day: a new radio play by me called "Die Maschine steht still" after E.M.Forster's bold and prophetic "The machine stops" (1909), still downloadable and ready to be listened to online here. It's my longest Hörspiel so far, an 80 minute psycho-technological drama that will haunt you for the next 10 moons, until you transform (because you will). Sci-Fi meets Fassbinder meets Kubrick meets THE MONOLOGIZING MASCHINE.

Watch out for our next Demo Dandies Tape, this time we travelled to the heart of the capital: Luxembourg. And we dug out some astounding tunes, beautiful and astute. We will also be on location in Leipzig to play YOUR DEMOS. Mark the 8th of July in your calendar and remember to sing along your binary code.

On a further note, I have expanded into the room. I can touch the ceiling now and my head grew a balkony (smokers welcome).

2017-11-11 LP release "Takt der Arbeit" on editions Mego

Meine lieben Frankensteins.

Frankly speaking, I am more than happy to announce the release of my percussion-loaded "Takt der Arbeit" LP on editions Mego featuring film scores to industrial and educational films about work. The release date is 17 Nov 2017 0:00 CET, in case you want to queue in front of the Mego flagship store in Vienna. My three Polish combatants Miłosz Pękala, Magda Kordylasińska and Hubert Zemler did an excellent job on percussion, I did an excellent one on pressing "Save" in Logic and casting a rainbow between "Edgar Varése" (quote HHV magazine) and Kubinesque sequencer strobe pulse. We have performed this robotic baby (рабо́та (Russ.) = work) already in Hamburg, Danzig, Warsaw and Gent, more performances will follow, for example in Bern on 8 Dec 2017 in an empty Swisscom building.

Keep your eyes open, even if they are smudged with advertisement!

2017-10-06 Listen online to Phantomspeisung

He (the Lord of the Lonely Lampoons) walks through fire and burns like a blister.

If you want to listen to his recently premiered radio play about microphones, "Phantomspeisung", you can do that in the media pool of Bayerischer Rundfunk. For all you German speaking guys and girls (still some left?), there's also a half hour interview that his editor Miss Agathos made with him. He mumbles humbly and scaterred-brainedly about WHAT HE DID and WHY HE DID IT.
Some of you might also like to look at how he recorded some scenes. Filmed by the wonderful Marie Losier.

He likes to take a good nap now, he is tired.
Good night. Listen closely, the ever so guarded line will appreciate it.

2017-07-06 Me & My Rhythm Box Archive

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Here comes the late news of the early bird: as you know, I am diligently producing my daily show "Me & My Rhythm Box" for Savvy Funk, the documenta 14 radio in Berlin. It's on every day from 17:10 h till 18:00 h (CET).
Turn in, tune on, drop box! My last show is on 7.7.17!

You can re-listen to the shows in my mixcloud Rhythm Box archive. Here's a list of all the artists:

17.6. Ursula Block ('Gelbe Musik') – vinyl as a sound object & instrument
18.6. Alessandro Bosetti and speech therapist Judith Rau – the voice-art-instrument
19.6. Mariola Brillowska – the anti-instrument
20.6. Berliner Nasenflötenorchester (nose-flutes orchestra) – trilling while strolling
21.6. Michael Vorfeld – music with light bulbs
22.6. Annika Kahrs – animal sounds, animal music
23.6. Gamut Inc. – musical robots
24.6. Felix Kubin – strange instruments (ALKU, Raymond Scott a.o.)
25.6. Mark Boombastik – the human beatbox as a noise machine
27.6. Phillip Sollmann – 'All about Harry Partch'
28.6. Gelbart – the scratch instrument & the bass clarinet
29.6. Neil Feather – self-built futuristic musical instruments
30.8. Helena Hauff & Richard von der Schulenberg – the drumcomputer orchestra
01.7. Andrea Neumann – the (prepared) inner piano
02.7. Max Goldt – 'rubbermind music' & Sprechgesang
03.7. Sven-Åke Johansson – foam, telephone books and cardboard boxes
04.7. Thomas Ankersmit – otoacoustic signals, the ear as an instrument
05.7. A.K. Klosowski – das Kassetteninstrument
06.7. Marc Matter – sound poetry, the record player as an instrument
07.7. Lucrecia Dalt – internal and external sampling, the artist as a choir

Tune out, drop off, turn up!!


ever-ringing Telephone Lady

2017-02-02 Phantomspeisung and Documenta14

Radio is prominent in my artistic maze this year (2017).

I have started working on a new Hörspiel called "Phantomspeisung" (phantom power) for Bayerischer Rundfunk which deals with the microphone itself. I will whisper, talk and scream into it, break it, dismantle it, drag it through the dirt and use all kinds and characteristics of microphones including test mics, hydrophones, coil pick-ups and maybe a Knochenschallmikrofon. Premiere is on Sept 15, read more about it here.

In June 2017 I will contribute a daily live programme to SAVVY radio, a temporary art radio station installed by Documenta14 in conjunction with Deutschlandradio Berlin. "Me & my rhythm box" (that's how it's called) will deal with all kinds of possible and impossible (self-built) instruments.

2016-09-06 Felix Kubin & das Mineralorchester II

Things are happening underneath the arches.

On September 30, part II of the Mineralorchester series (soundtracks to films, theatre, Hörspiel) will be released on Dekorder, bringing you “Musique Concrète noises, splashes of haunted virtual orchestras, Gameboy music minuets and voice collage interspersed with tons of suspense and gloomy industrial atmospheres.”

Lift the stone and take a look at the insects:
II: Music for Film and Theatre

2016-08-30 Sudden music clips

Always delighted about unsolicited Kubin music clips popping up from the swamp of internet:

Flies without memory
Hello (again)
Die kulturelle Revolution
Disco Brouillage
This is no dream

2016-07-11 Interview about KORG MS 20

Good afternoon Zeitgeister,

here is a special interview that Roman Hiele, a young and talented musician from Antwerp, took of me during the preparations for the CHOIR OF WIRES, a workshop and concert I conducted for 20 Korg MS 20 players in February 2016 at Vooruit, Gent. That's Belgium: you find 20 vintage KORG MS 20 there!

A shared love for the MS 20 - Roman Hiele interviews Felix Kubin

2016-06-26 Music at the old mill

All you young marble horses!

If you are into crispy creek music midst frogs, kobolds and black magick, come to the wonderful festival NNOI next weekend (30.6.-2.7.) at an old mill close to Berlin.

It's organized by the Weltbauchrednerloge (Senor Schalinski & the Column One). You will be surrounded by forests, lakes and wonderful artists: Rashad Becker, Ditterich v. Euler-Donnersperg, Hermann Bohlen, Felix Kubin, Parabelles, Asmus Tietchens, DJ Daniel Arnoldsson and Mariola Brillowska (films).

Saddle the marbles and off you roll!

2016-04-28 Falling Still at Hamburg’s music hall

On 16.5.2016 my opus magnum Falling Still will be premiered at the grand hall of Hamburg's beautiful Laeiszhalle. Tickets are going fast, so don't be shy. Although there's a children choir involved it's not necessarily a piece that children would fancy on their ipod, unless they like disharmonic contemporary music. Here's a nice little article of the local newspaper.

The whole piece is presented quadrophonically, so better try to find a seat in the middle of the pit.

2016-02-26 My best interview

It's already 2 years old but still one of my favourites, also thanks to a non-conformist interviewer named D. Strauss who approached me with a big cigar in his mouth and monstrous glasses. He was wearing nothing but a bathrobe, even on his head there was just the air of innocence. I added the interview to the Press section: check out Exberliner magazine (2013).

I wish there'd be more Sträuße out there.

2015-08-27 Radio Recommendations and Splitter Translations

Tataaa! It's NEWS today. NEWS, ladies and gentlemen.
I know I am a slow contributor to my own news section - but in a world of attention spill, the nightingale (which is me) prefers to sing quietly and on rare occasions.

So, here are three little things:

1. The next album on Gagarin will be a masterwork of Gelbart. He has put himself to shame, so to say. Even if that sounds a bit odd. But you know, it's just world-class melodies and oddities. It swings and snarls and elevates. These are all evergreens, or, if you want (and understand his German surname): ever-yellows.

2. On saturday 29.8. I am interpreting music of the Splitterorchester at Labor Sonor Festival in Berlin.

3. I recommended some of my favourite radio programs and platforms on a website called Folded Wing.

2015-06-02 Kubin live in Novosibirsk

Mr. Kubin has his first live appearance in far Siberia.
You have to ALL come along.

2015-03-28 Kubin & the Mitcheez Videos

My headache assistant added two new videos that might tickle your retina:

1. An interview with Macio Moretti and Doc Kubinski
2. A live version of the fabulous track Boj sie Boogie - with an extra industrial ending!

Both shot in snowy Copenhagen during Kubin/Mitch's first European tour in 2014.

2015-02-06 John Cage

John Cage war ein Pausenfüller.

2014-10-23 NEW RELEASES

New releases from the fugue of thoughts by Unterführungskünstler Felix Kubin:

ad 1
A monstrous opus magnum, "Chromdioxidgedächtnis" - conceived, recorded and written by my hyperactive self. This is a work of heart and of long development (2 years in the making), released as a boxset containing CD, a tape and a 32 p. booklet. It's all about the format of the audio cassette, our beloved extinguished medium of trust.

ad 2
A live performance of Scott Haggart's ongoing research project "1:17",  recorded together with eccentric dust collector Lary 7 and marriage impostor artist Felix Kubin at the ISSUE Project Room in NYC, 2009. It rattles and shakes, to say the least. After spilling a whole bottle of wine over our mixing boards, Mr Lary Seven nailed a record onto his tape machine bobby, which you can see on the cover artwork.

ad 3
A re-release of the long-out-of-print "Filmmusik" by Felix Kubin, the first release on Gagarin Records out of the year 1998. Contains wondrous animation film music for adults.

ad 4
After decades, finally, the German Kassettentäter (tape delinquents) are celebrated on an internationally renowned label. Dr Kubin is proud to announce Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik, a compilation he curated for the splendid UK label Finder Keepers Records after months of research, odd phone calls and waiting room assistance. The promo machine has just started rolling. The album is released as double vinyl, CD and download. Featuring some of the nicest homerecording tape tracks of the German underground of the early 1980s.

2014-05-20 Kubin interview on S13

Ahoi, dear Non-Analphabets!
A new interview of incredible length and depth can be found on this wonderful Lithuanian website Secret Thirteen, special radio mix included.

2014-03-05 Zemsta Plutona live video

A live video featuring Felix in dark (synth)energy at Westwerk, Hamburg.
The intro is in German. It's an improvised speech about a giant worm who becomes a Schmetterling building with iron wings. It's all about surviving, isn't it, folks?

2014-02-12 Deutscher Hörbuchpreis

Felix Kubin's radio play Orphée Mécanique has been awarded "best audio book" 2013/14 (Deutscher Hörbuchpreis). It's the second big price for this acoustic perpetuum mobile after "Hörspiel des Jahres" 2012. On the very 12th of March, Herr Kubin might appear on WDR TV with big Tam Tam and Automatik Klatschen.

He has already grown mushrooms on his earlobes - but we won't let Orpheus rest. Never.

2014-01-13 Live Video Footage of Felix and Mitch & Mitch

Excellent video footage of a live concert by Mr Kubin and the incredibly flanging big band Mitch & Mitch at Hamburg's Übel & Gefährlich Club hit the desk! Filmed, edited and mixed by Marq Lativ Guther. On VHS. Yes. See for yourself:

Narzissmus & Musik
The tired hands of M. Curie
Boj sie Boogie

The 10-headed band (a MONSTER) will be on tour again at the end of January.
Check the route here, and don't miss it or we will diss it (you).

2013-12-17 Felix Kubin special on Basic.fm

A two-hour radio special with interviews, rare original tracks, influences, and Felix' record label, Gagarin.

"Fischbrötchen mit Dino"
Thursday 19.12. @ 22:00 h GMT

2013-11-18 Mix for Secret Thirteen

I recently played in Vilnius and hardly survived it. They wanted to eat my hair and steel my buttons, those lovely Eastern animal-swinging strange-named rascals. As a response I created a mix for their national music library here.

2013-11-07 Zemsta Plutona

Here is the DRONE, the QUIETUS, the FACT about our hotspur Felix Kubin.
CDs have already landed in Germany, Poland and Australia.
The vinyl version is about to arrive end of November.

2013-11-07 Gagarin Records 15th anniversary

I just passed a bird who fell from a skateboard. The beak was swollen and washing gel ran out it. "Are you ok?" I asked. "As long as it helps to cleanse this world from villains and bring back Tim Smith of the Cardiacs, yes."

What an endearing utterance from a bird who fell (why didn't he fly, anyway). I put him on the guestlist of this event and he promised to come with his whole twittering family:

Gagarin Records 15th anniversary show

14.11.13 Berlin - WestGermany/NOrthEurope
Pete Um (Lecture Performance "Cambridge: the driest place on earth")
Felix Kubin (Lecture "Der Aufstand der Chemiker - Bergedorfs Kinderbandszene 1981")
+ Filme, Hörspiele, Tricks
DJ Alexa D!saster

15.11.13 Berlin - WestGermany/NOrthEurope
Les Trucs (live)
Gelbart (live, record release concert "Vermin")
Felix Kubin (live, record release concert "Zemsta Plutona")
DJs Alexa D!saster, Oscar der Winzige

16.11.13 Hamburg - Westwerk
Pete Um (Lecture Performance "Cambridge: the driest place on earth")
Gelbart (live, record release concert "Vermin")
Felix Kubin (live, record release concert "Zemsta Plutona")
DJs Alexa D!saster, Booty Carrell

WestGermany/NOrthEurope, Skalitzer Strasse 133, 10999 Berlin
Westwerk, Admiralitätstr. 74, 20459 Hamburg

2013-09-03 New solo album coming in early November

The first of November finally sees Felix Kubin's new solo album Zemsta Plutona arrive. It will be released on Gagarin Records in collaboration with Hamburg's infamous dental imprint ZickZack, the label responsible for early 1980s releases by Palais Schaumburg, Wirtschaftswunder, Einstürzende Neubauten, Tödliche Doris and other remarkable outbursts of German neurosis. ZickZack Schallplatten is run by punk pope grandseigneur Alfred Hilsberg who already promoted Felix when he was a teen (Felix, not the pope).

The album will be released in all formats and all countries of all worlds (apart from Liechtenstein). Gagarin and ZickZack will take care of Western Europe, while LadoABC from Warsaw will rule the Eastern European hemisphere. Finally, the ominous Australian label Omni Recording Corporation will poison the rest of the world with Kubin's seductive "music".

This remarkable release matured like a wise old penguin. It contains well-known evergreens of Mr Kubin such as:

Lightning strikes
Atomium Vertigo
Flies without memory
Restez en ligne
Piscine résonnez!
The rhythm modulator cont'd
Zemsta Plutona

Keep your eyes and mouth open (especially when it rains)
and step onwards to a brighter yet foggier future!

mistily yours,

Jurij Gagarin III.

2013-06-26 "Mother in the fridge" on RadioARA Luxembourg

Kubin's radio play "Mother in the fridge" will be broadcast on radio ARA in Luxembourg. The dominating language of this radio play is English with strong German accent.

8 July 2013
RadioARA Luxembourg
22:00 CEST (UTC+2)

For those of you living far away from Europe and having no clue about Luxembourg: it's a beautiful and very small country (half a million inhabitants) with great food and many languages like French, German and Lëtzebuergesch: "Just de fréiere Radio Grénge Fluessfénkelchen, dee sech zum Radio ARA entwéckelt huet, ka sech haut nach ëmmer als onofhängege fräie Radio bezeechnen, mat aller Freed an allem Leed, dat esou e Statut nun eemol mat sech bréngt."

2013-06-21 Klangkrieg on Sub Rosa Noise Anthology #7

A track of Kubin's now defunct group Klangkrieg is featured on the 7th "Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music" of the Belgian label Sub Rosa. The anthology spans over 3 CDs containing music pieces by Dziga Vertov, Bebe and Louis Barron, John Oswald, Henry Cow, Cabaret Voltaire, Mika Vainio, The Haters (GX Jupitter-Larsen) and many others.

2013-06-11 12.6. Chromdioxide Memory on NDR broadcast

Dear Radio Afficionados!

Some longer excerpts of my recent commission work "Chromdioxidgedächtnis" for tape recorders, electronics, percussion and prepared piano will be broadcast on North German Radio:

12 June 2013
NDR Kultur
21:00 UTC

Here's the link - the programme will be streamed online.

2013-05-07 7.5. Felix on NDR Nachtclub

Tonight at 00:00 (UTC, Geisterstunde), Felix Kubin will be a guest of Jan Möller in Hamburg's radio programme "Nachtclub" on NDR Info. You can listen to the programme worldwide here - in German. Click on the button "JETZT EINSCHALTEN" in the top right corner.

Na, dann, also, Hut bzw Film ab!

2013-05-07 New interview on itv// Czech Republic

Here's an interview that I gave to the lovely Lenka Moravkova.

2013-04-27 Sonar, Pants, Festsaal, Kubin, Palais

A message for the combination freaks amongst you. Like a straw in the swamp there are some fantastische live concert combinations breaching...

30st of May: Felix Kubin & Palais Schaumburg at Teenitus Festival Berlin
15th of June: Felix Kubin & James Pants at Sónar with their first joint live set*

*and soon on Apolkalypso: Kubin & Pants 7", Tanzen und Blitzen

2013-04-17 Hörspiele on air/ear (with live streaming)

Some upcoming broadcasts of my radio plays:

WDR 3: 22.4.13 - 23:05 (UTC)
1LIVE: 23.4.13 - 23:00 (UTC)

Orphée Mécanique

Radio Bremen:  24.5.13 - 19:05 (UTC) and 27.5.13 - 22:05 (UTC)

All times are CET. The radio programmes are streamed live and maybe also available as podcasts for a while. More information here: Paralektronoia // Orphée Mécanique

2013-04-16 Interview on 6:00 am

Good morning, you metaphors!

Instead of posting every 10 minutes who has just passed my window (facebook friends do that), I only add news here when something has happened. Here's a good Greek website presenting a new interview with me. No standard questions. Greece? I recently saw the Greek film "Dogtooth" by Yorgos Lanthimos. A very intelligent, sardonic, mind-boggling and funny film which I absolutely recommend.

2013-02-11 One hour Kubin radio special on Byte.fm

20 February 2013 // 23:00 (UTC)

Ale Dumbsky and Harald Retzbach host Felix Kubin in their radio show Bonusreferat.
Achtung, der programme ist in German language. Here's the info announcement:

Felix Kubin, Tape-Täter in jungen Jahren, wird heute für seine Hörspiele ausgezeichnet, betreibt gleich zwei Label (eines für LPs, eines für Singles), und hat einen ungebrochenen Output, balancierend zwischen Neuer Musik, äh, Avantgarde, Klangskulpturen sowie unterschiedlich-erstaunlichen Kollaborationen mit unter anderem Jimi Tenor und der Harfenistin, die für Barack Obama aufspielte. Allerhöchste Zeit also, Kubin bei uns auf den Stuhl zusetzen und einen kleinen Ausflug in sein Repertoire zu machen. Am 03. Mai tritt er mit "Mein Chromdioxidgedächtnis" im ehrwürdigen Rolf-Liebermann-Studio zu Hamburg auf. Was hiermit dringend empfohlen sei.

2013-01-14 Launch Time

Welcome to felixkubin.com!

It has taken several years and a lot of sweat, research, editing and translations to re-launch this site. We are very happy and satisfied and we hope you will find plenty of (new and lost) music, radio plays, films, texts, bits and pieces about Felix Kubin here. 

Felix's Live Shows you find in the News section on the right hand side (the black column).

The menu item Music Projects contains information about all the bands, art projects and co-operations that Felix Kubin is (or has been) involved with. Under Releases there's a huge archive of CDs and LPs he put out in the past 20 years. You can listen to excerpts and read reviews here. Radio Works hosts "Hörspiele" and radio art that Felix has produced since 2001. Miscellaneous is a pool for diverse formats like lectures, lecture performances, seminars and workshops, films and soundtracks. In the future we plan to add more topics here. Click on the topics to get to the lists of works, for example films

Go to Distribution if you want to find out where to buy Mr Kubin's stuff. The most reliable sources here are stora.de and a-musik.com. A-Musik is also one of the best record shops in Europe, so whenever you happen to visit Cologne in Germany, check it out.

In the Press section you'll find general articles in magazines and newspapers. I recommend to have a look at the WIRE and FORTEAN TIMES features. Journalists can also download a press kit with more in-depth information (requires a password).

Finally, Morpheus Panoptikum provides a pool for extras and oddities which is shared with Felix's other site, gagarinrecords.com

For those of you who need a fast access (or who know exactly what they are looking for), the flip menu top right is very handy.

Ok, that's all for now,
I wish you a happy clicking and digging!

Over and out!

Avala Strandberg


Warsaw (PL) - Avant Art @ Spatif

2020-10-01  22:00
music: CEL (Zemler / Kubin)
video: Josephin Böttger

Wroclaw (PL) - Avant Art @ Impart

2020-09-27  21:00
music: CEL (Zemler / Kubin)
video: Josephin Böttger

Brussles (BE) - Atelier Claus

2020-02-22  20:00
Live concert with CEL (Felix Kubin & Hubert Zemler)

Paris (FR) - La Station

2020-02-21  20:00
Live concert with CEL (Felix Kubin & Hubert Zemler)

Berlin (DE) - Silent Green

2020-02-15  20:00
Berlin film premiere of Felix in Wonderland by Marie Losier

Hamburg (DE) - Metropolis Kino

2020-02-14  21:00
Hamburg film premiere of Felix in Wonderland by Marie Losier

Warsaw (PL) - Klub Spatif Birthday

2020-02-07  20:00

Vienna (A) - Fluc Mensa

2020-01-18  20:00
Celebration of 30 years SKUG magazine

Vienna (A) - rrr

2020-01-17  23:00
DJ set

Orléans (FR) - L’Astrolabe

2019-11-09  22:00
w/ Dat Politics • NYC • Ray Collett

Karlsruhe (DE) - ZKM

2019-11-07  23:00

Bourges (FR) - Le Nadir

2019-11-06  21:00
Film projection "Felix in Wonderland" by Marie Losier + live concert

Mushroom Manor Park / Vilnius (LI) - Braille Satellite

2019-07-19  20:00

Hamburg (DE) - resonanzraum festival

2019-06-20  22:00
Live soundtrack to an insect flicker film by artist Wolfgang Lehmann
World Premiere

Cambridge (Boston) (US) - MIT

2019-01-01  00:00
Live soundtrack to "Dragonflies with birds & snake" by Wolfgang Lehmann

New Orleans (US) - Mudlark Theatre

2019-06-02  20:00

Chicago (US) - Empty Bottle

2019-05-30  20:00

Atlanta (US) - 529

2019-05-29  20:00

Paris (FR) - La Station

2019-05-24  20:00
Hamburg electronic music night w/ Zemler/Kubin, RVDS, Phuong-Dan, Ron Morelli a.o.

London (UK) - EuroNoize

2019-05-23  19:00
Avantgarde European Song Contest at Scala
Felix will represent Germany

Erfurt (DE) - Retronom

2019-05-04  23:00

Berlin (DE) - Hörspielfestival

2019-05-02  21:00
Paralektronoia live

Hamburg (DE) - 4fakultät

2019-03-16  20:00
Live with Andrew Pekler, Berangere Maximim, Mark Boombastik, The Home of Easy Credit

London (UK) - Flat Time House

2019-03-09  18:00
Performance at the former house of the late conceptual artist John Latham. Starts early!

Antwerp (BE) - het kip en de ei

2019-01-19  20:00

Vienna (AT) - ORF Kunstradio

2019-01-17  22:00
Live gig with Bela Elektra Brillowska

Marseille (FR) - Reevox - NH / GMEM

2018-12-21  21:00
2 DJ sets / pop + exper.

Marseille (FR) - Videodrome 2 Cinema

2018-12-20  20:30
presentation of Kubin film programme
+ live soundtrack

Berlin (DE) - Future Soundscapes

2018-11-25  20:00
live film soundtrack w/ Hubert Zemler at Silent Green

New York City (US) - PS1

2018-11-11  19:00
Live show and talk with Marie Losier

Bucharest (RO) - Control Club

2018-09-28  22:00
Live gig

Düsseldorf (DE) - NRW-Forum

2018-09-20  20:30
Exhibition participation "Im Zweifel für den Zweifel"
+ live concert at the opening

Berlin (DE) - Heimathafen

2018-08-31  20:00
Experimental live show w/
Splitter Orchester

Chemnitz (DE) - Begehungen Festival

2018-08-18  21:00
live at Begehungen

Berlin (DE) - Unter Pop Festival

2018-08-04  20:00
live at Marin Fisch

Mannheim (DE) - Nationaltheater

2018-07-14  19:00
Orphée Mécanique live
w/ Lars Rudolph, Steve Heather

Mannheim (DE) - Nationaltheater

2018-07-13  19:00
Orphée Mécanique live
w/ Lars Rudolph, Steve Heather

Mannheim (DE) - Nationaltheater

2018-07-12  21:30
Solo live

Leipzig (DE) - Demo Dandies

2018-07-08  21:00
At Leipziger Hörspielsommer, Richard-Wagner-Hain.
Bring along your demos!

Rotterdam (NL) - Gardena

2018-07-07  20:00
Festival of De Player crew

Tournai (BE) - Water Moulin

2018-07-06  20:00
Water Moulin

Antwerp (BE) - Table Dance

2018-07-05  20:00

Hamburg (DE) - Conrad Schnitzler Festival at Golden Pudel Club

2018-07-04  20:00

St. Petersburg (RUS) - Mosaique Club

2018-06-09  20:00

Moscow (RUS) - Gazgolder Club

2018-06-08  20:00

Hamburg (DE) - Blurred Edges

2018-05-31  20:00
scanner concert
w/ Kapital Band 1

Mexico City (MX) - Nrmal

2018-03-03  19:00
Solo show

Mexico City (MX) - Nrmal

2018-03-01  19:00
Paralektronoia Lecture

Bern (CH) - Pakt Bern (flash back and forward)

2017-12-08  18:00
Takt der Arbeit LIVE!
In a former Swisscom building

Luxembourg (LX) - Rotondes

2017-12-06  20:00
w/ F. Kubin and F. Raeithel

Glasgow (SCOT) - Radiophrenia

2017-11-15  19:00
Live Radio Performance at CCA Theatre Space

Barcelona (ES) - MACBA

2017-11-03  20:00
live with Tony Arroyo, Cristine Berna, Ivo Dimchev a.o.

Gent (BE) - Film Festival

2017-10-19  20:00
"Takt der Arbeit" - films+live music
w/ Milosz and Magda Pekala, Hubert Zemler

Budapest (HU) - UH Festival

2017-10-06  20:00

Nürnberg (DE) - Z-Bau

2017-10-02  21:00

Hamburg (DE) - 200th anniversary of Kunstverein

2017-09-22  22:00
live w/ Mark Boombastik
Moloch Club

Lehrte (DE) - Fuchsbau Festival

2017-08-11  03:00
3 am! Late concert for late people!

Berlin (DE) - Urban Spree / Spectacular Festival

2017-07-08  22:00
solo live gig

Berlin (DE) - Urban Spree / Spectacular Festival

2017-07-06  01:30
DJ set w/ Marc Matter at 1:30 am

Hof Ovendorf (DE) - Off The Radar Festival

2017-06-29  21:00
Live gig with Mark Boombastik
+ DJ set, see link

Athens (GR) - Borderline Festival

2017-04-23  20:00

Helsinki (FI) - Kontula Electronic Festival

2017-04-22  20:00
Live gig (scifi pop)

Helsinki (FI) - Kontula Electronic Festival

2017-04-21  20:00
Electr. improvisation w/ Jimi Tenor

Düsseldorf (DE) - Insitut für Musik und Medien

2017-04-13  17:00
Lecture - starts early!!

Hamburg (DE) - Resonanzraum

2017-03-21  20:00
Moderation Toxic Tunes
Hamburg - Tor zum Lärm
mit Asmus Tietchens, Marc Richter, Mark Boombastik

Hamburg (DE) - Kampnagel

2017-02-10  20:00
DJ set Kubin w/
live V. Vincent & Aksak Maboul
live A.K.Klosowski

Warsaw (PL) - Nowy Teatr

2016-12-02  19:00
Festiwal Kwadrofonik

"Takt der Arbeit"
Milosz Pekala
Magda Kordylasinska
Hubert Zemler

Berlin (DE) - Ausland

2016-11-11  20:00
Concert with Pia Burnette, Andrew Krell

Halle (DE) - Radio Revolten Fetsival

2016-10-23  20:00
Radio Art Festival

Today live DJ set/performance:
BLINDFOLD BABIES w/ Istari Lasterfahrer

Halle (DE) - Radio Revolten Festival

2016-10-22  00:00
Radio Art Festival
Klub, Rathausstr. 3

Today, 20 h:
w/ Istari Lasterfahrer

Köln (DE) - night of surprises

2016-10-21  20:00

Dnipro (UA) - month of German culture

2016-10-08  20:00

London (UK) - Café Oto

2016-09-08  20:00
Live gig (futuristic pop)

Minsk (BY) - Goethe Institut

2016-09-03  20:00

Brussles (BE) - Les Ateliers Clauss

2016-08-27  20:00
10th anniversary of L.A.C.

Hamburg (DE) - Übel & Gefährlich

2016-07-23  20:00
Golden Pudel Solidaritätsnacht
10 years of Gatto Muscoloso
C, Toulouse Low Trax, F. Kubin, Ron Morelli, Alessandro Adriani, Phuong-Dan a.o.

Łodz (PL) - LDZ Alternatywa

2016-07-21  20:00

Bojkovice (CZ) - Mismas Party

2016-06-18  20:00

Hamburg (DE) - Medizinhistorisches Museum

2016-06-16  20:00
Paralektronoia lecture performance

Danzig (PL) - Szaniec Jezuicki

2016-06-11  22:00
Special live event "The misophonic episode" - Kolonia Anielinki Street 1A, Gdansk, PL

Hamburg (DE) - Laeiszhalle

2016-05-16  19:30
Falling Still
commission work for the
Internationales Musikfest
feat. Ensemble Resonanz, Milosz & Magda Pekala, Knabenchor Uetersen

Gent (BE) - A choir of wires / Vooruit

2016-02-12  20:00
20 students play 20 KORG MS20
conducted by Felix Kubin