Pia Burnette & Felix Kubin

In the mid-nineties, Pia Burnette and Felix Kubin, two children of the post-modern age, fell into a trance and began a collaboration whose roots extend into the murky eras preceding recorded history. Pia, in contemporary reincarnation, completes an ancient line of goddesses of fire and pyromania. Felix is the Prometheus using electricity to channel this volatile element into an uncontainable fission. In order to prevent universal implosion the musical constructions were placed in Tesla's specially-built aquarium, a theoretical structure, itself a metaphorical reworking of the Klein Bottle in a size suitable for holding several infinities simultaneously.

In her previous project Electro Sun, Pia's vocals mean to mesmerize and seduce the listener into raw terror. Dr. Kubin in his music attempts to conjure the sounds of cyber-based life out of a cabinet of electronically ensouled instruments. In their first experiments Pia intoned Bartok songs to Felix's electro-accompaniment. On their latter day releases they venture into elemental emotions such as rage, celestial vastness, and atomic beauty. The two collaborators invite the listener on walks through detached minds and excursions into disturbed audio delirium, accompanied by the surreal echo of footsteps in a floorless void. Moods are built subtly, and the music turns dangerous just as it is too late for the listener to escape. Post-pop ballads are included to comfort the listener and refreshments are served in a variety of Indo-European and Altaic languages. Ms. Burnette, as befitting an archetypal fire goddess, expresses her poetry interlingually, in Japanese, English and German.

Terrestrial performance sightings have been made in Hamburg, Lisbon and Berlin. They recur in an accelerated cycle to Haley's comet, and possibly once again before the next End of the World.

Fred Roberts

Some film documentation of live performances by Pia and Felix can be found in this section

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