Liedertafel Margot Honecker (1992-1994)

Between 1992 and 1994, the dada-communist singing group Liedertafel Margot Honecker and its related political party KED (Kommunistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, or "Communist Unity Party of Germany") had a strong impact on public media in Germany. Both groups claimed to be citizens of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR). They appeared on national talk shows, in magazines, TV programmes, at concerts, cultural and political events – sometimes without invitations. A strange mixture of irony and seriousness characterized their actions. Avoiding any display of their intentions, they nevertheless turned into catalyzers, instigating discussions – and sometimes fights – in the audience. Their confusing political aims were articulated by KED chairman Dr. Kurt Euler, who in his infamous speeches ranted against the "digital medieval", the loss of values, and the racketeering of bourgeois politicians.

Under the moniker "Falk Klennert", Felix Kubin worked with the Liedertafel, arranging their tracks and writing storyboards for their "propaganda" films.


Vorwärts, FDJ
A music video based on an original song of the former GDR youth organization “Freie Deutsche Jugend”

Rote Grütze
A short propaganda film that depicts how the KED selected new members of their party

Manifesto by Dr. Kurt Euler (DE) 1995

Recent Releases
Vorwärts, Freie Deutsche Jugend
Gute Freunde