Klangkrieg (1987-2003)

The sound art project KLANGKRIEG has been founded in 1987 by Felix Kubin and Tim Buhre. It was active until 2003.

The word "Klangkrieg" defines an Utopian terminal state of urban noise. The group is interested in filtering and processing this noise in order to put it into a musical structure that is dynamic, vivid and suspenseful. Artificial and natural sounds are edited in harsh cut-ups or fine transitions, both showing violence and sensibility next to each other. In futuristic tradition Kubin and Buhre try to sensitize the listeners ears for daily urban environment that can become music if one distinguishes between active "listening" and passive "hearing". Since 1990 Klangkrieg have been working on surround sound projection, text collages, audio art, music for theatre and film.
In concerts the group combines analog sound processing (live electronics, contact microphones, finger nails, ants and cut-off hair) and tape sounds with installation and performance elements, also including visual effects or even complete darkness. If possible they prefer to put people "into" the event by using multiphonic loudspeaker installations and surveillance cameras attached to their hands.

Their basic sound origins are electronic and acoustic devices such as elevators, synthesizers, heatings, refrigerators and the inner string frame of an old dismantled piano.

Recent Releases
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