Since 2003, Felix Kubin has been giving seminars at art, music and drama academies in Europe and America. His subject areas include sound art, performance, radio play, media art and dramaturgy. Here's a list of all seminars, workshops and visiting professorships and the respective institutions they have been presented at.


Sound Art Course at HFBK, Hamburg

Between 2013 and 2015, Felix Kubin worked as an Associate Lecturer for experimental sound design and film music at the Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg (HFBK). The teaching comprised sound art, film music, radio play, installation and performance. The students worked on changing subjects like the human voice ("Sie hören: Stimmen"), anatomy of sound / sound of anatomy ("I sing the body electric") and cinema for the ears ("Cinema pour l'oreille"), exploring the borderlines and transitions between the visual and the acoustic. At the end of each semester, they presented their works in performances, installations and recordings at galleries and venues like Galerie Genscher, Golem and Central Congress.

2013-2015 - University of Fine Arts (HFBK), Hamburg (DE)

Bandcamp link > Sie hören: Stimmen (listen to all the tracks here)

Short documentary about the student exhibition at Galerie Genscher, Hamburg 2015:

I sing the body electric - anatomy of sound, sound of anatomy from Felix Kubin on Vimeo.

Hörspiel between fiction & reality

Students were encouraged to conceive, produce and present a professional radio play within the time of two weeks. The subject was to create a documentary somewhere in between fiction and reality. The results were presented to an audience and broadcast on web radio. 

2012 – Academy of Pop Culture, Leeuwarden (NL)


This workshop investigates the idea of the amplified voice. The megaphone as a political tool, as a manifesto enunciator; propaganda as means to sharpen a declaration and spread an ideology; the amplified voice as an informational or manipulative instrument. Final performances included films, concerts, installations and theatrical presentations. 

2012 – Academy of Fine Arts, Münster (DE)
2011 – Rhode Island School of Design, Providence (US)

Graphic Hard Scores

This seminar dealt with all kinds of (extreme) graphic notations for musical scores – from classical notes to abstract drawings to 3-dimensional scores and even facial expressions. At the same time, the funcionality of the scores was important, too. 
The students were supposed to interpret (parts of) their own scores or find musicians who were willing to play their pieces. 
All the pieces were performed at the end of the workshop. 

2011 – Sint Lucas Visual Arts, Gent (BE)  

Science Fiction Radio Plays

In 2010, Felix Kubin worked with four batches of people in the sound lab of Rotterdam's music and art space WORM. Their mission was to produce science fiction radio plays within a period of 3 weeks. During the production phase, the participants had access to the WORM's studio facilities including vintage and digital synthesizers, samplers, microphones, hard-disc recorders and professional peripheral equipment.

The resulting plays were released on a CD that can be obtained from the WORM webshop (Worm Hørspiel #21).


1 Selena Savic / Vincent Denieul / Marit Shalem - Frozen Hope
2 Clara Lozano / Ludmila Rodrigues / Robert Kroos - Talking Heads
3 Jan van Nuenen / Mariette Groot / Laura d'Ors - Swimming Out
4 Florian Cramer / Jeroen Kuster - Sucking Life

2010 - WORM, Rotterdam (NL)

Autogenes Karaoke - Playbacks aus der Einkaufszone

Autogenous Karaoke – playbacks from the shopping mall

Students were asked to 'split' a performance in two halfs. The first part, a sort of a 'half playback' or 'Karaoke' version of the whole work, was documented in a public space in front of unaware passengers. Later on, the second part was performed inside the art school completing the documentations of part one in front of an informed audience.

2012 – Academy of Fine Arts, Münster (DE)
2010 – Sint Lucas Art School, Gent (BE)
2009 – Master Class of the HKB (art academy), Bern (CH)

Autogenes Karaoke Seminar (Kunstakademie Münster 2012) from Felix Kubin on Vimeo.

Dramaturgie des Hörspiels

Radio Play Dramaturgy

A seminar about scriptwriting. Students were encouraged to create their own radio plays - from the synopsis to the final mix in the audio studio. The play "Dein Schweigen" by Katja Fischer, Rebecca Schuster and Felix Renard won a young talent award at the renowned "Leipziger Hörspielsommer" festival in 2010.

2009 – HMT (academy for music and theatre) Leipzig (DE)

Kurzoper "Die Auferstehung der Taten"

Short Opera "The rise of the deeds"

Within 6 days 15 students composed, arranged and performed a short opera of 20 minutes length. At the beginning of the course, the group was divided into composers, actors, singers and a production team. The work process was quite unusual. At first, Felix Kubin and Andreas Diefenbach - they both ran this workshop together - made the students record their voices without any notes and background music – "into the blue". Afterwards, the edited vocal recordings were given to the composers who created the music to it. During the feverish process of production the students worked in day - and nightshift teams in order to meet the deadline. The opera was performed at the renowned "Portikus" art space in Frankfurt in an installation by Ben van Berkel. 
In November 2008, the opera was invited to the symposium "Music Theatre Now" in Berlin. An edited version of it was released on a compilation of independent radio plays called "Press Play 2" published by Mairisch-Verlag.

2007 – Städelschule (Art Academy), Frankfurt (DE)

Audio Postcards

Both students from the music academy and sound artists participated in these two workshops. They were asked to create within 3 days short 'musical postcards', a format that Felix Kubin had invented as a sonic equivalent to the written postcard. The content of each audio track depended on the person, institution or immaterial object it was addressed to. The results were short manifestos, field recordings of the neighbourhood, a rap on the bus, a house track with spoken news headlines, a heartbeat collage, a short radio play etc. The audio postcards were presented at the Goethe Institute of Salvador da Bahia and at the venue "Central" in Montevideo. 

2007 – Goethe Institutes of Salvador da Bahia (BR) and Montevideo (UY)

Songs am Rande des Nervenzusammenbruchs

Songs on the edge of a nervous breakdown

The aim of this course was to push the limits and definition of a pop song as far as possible. About 25 students participated in the course. The results consisted of diverse formats ranging from electro punk theatre to deviated church music, radio play, voice noise, a super fast cut-up lecture about all forms of black metal music, a living musical box sound installation and many others... 
The whole room of the venue was used as a stage and the audience was literally directed from one song to another.

2006/2007 – Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaften (Institute for Applied Theatre Sciences), Gießen (DE)


Big Mouth Radio Beam

In co-operation with Resonance FM London (Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington) and Sasker Scheerder (Rotterdam)

BIMRAB was a workshop laboratory leading to an event and radio broadcast in which more then 20 postgraduate art students collaborated, mingled, met and finally co-produced an exhibition at the artspace W139 in Amsterdam. 
The project consisted of two parts: BODY MAPPING, which comprised several performances and an exhibition of mixed media works based on sounds and images of the human body and BIMRAB, a production of a live radio programme for extraterrestrial intelligence based on the artworks and performance elements of BODY MAPPING. 
The mental and electromagnetic 'spaces' of radio and exhibition spaces were supposed to mix and interact with each other. 

2005 – Dutch Art Institute in Enschede (NL)

BIMRAB Seminar (Performance) from Felix Kubin on Vimeo.

Patentamt Futurismus

Patent office of Futurism

Students were asked to create artworks that critically reflected the visions and inventions of the early Futurists (the first two generations). The results were exhibited and performed live in front of an audience. 
The art works ranged from new manifestos and speeches to short films, audio concerts with self-built instruments, printed clothes, light/sound performances and a futuristic bar. 

2004/2005 - AKI in Enschede (NL)


This 30 minutes radio play has been recorded as part of a residency project by Vicki Bennett (a.k.a. People Like Us) and Felix Kubin at FACT, Liverpool. The artists spent two weeks with a group of selected 12-year-old pupils from Croxteth Comprehensive School and together created a radio piece that included humming twins, an alien landing, gameboy breaks, the explanation of the difference between noise and music, catastrophy weather forecasts etc. Most of the original audio material was written, recorded and produced by the pupils themselves. The final montage and some short musical interludes were made by Bennett and Kubin. 

To download the complete radio play click here

2004 – FACT, Liverpool (UK) and Croxteth Comprehensive School

Futuristische Küchenmusik

Futuristic Kitchen Music

The subject of this seminar was to create music pieces from kitchen sounds and perform them in front of an audience. The workshop at Städel Art Academy in Frankfurt resulted in a vinyl record release with screen-printed cover.

2013 – ARTES, Porto (PT)
2009 – Center for Art Tapes, Halifax (CA)
2003/2004 – Staedelschule (academy of fine arts) in Frankfurt (DE)


A workshop based on the idea of the first Hörfilm (listening film) by Walter Ruttmann and the French cinema pour l'oreilles. The students had 3 days to compose and perform soundtracks to non-existing films. The workshop was organized in co-operation with Jürgen Hall and Sebastian Reier.

2003 – HfG, Karlsruhe (DE)